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UV LED Curing System Advantages

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UV LED curing systems is cold LED-UV light source , which is more healthy and eco-friendly for environment with UV LED curing system advantages. UV LED lamps is without heat radiation when curing. The surface temperature of the illuminated items is low , to solve long-term thermal injury in optical communication and liquid crystal production , especially suitable for occasions such as liquid crystal sealing , thin film printing and so on Small heat could solve the unbearable problem of staff because of the large amount of heat by mercury lamp printing equipment . On the other hand , LED-UV light source is a single-band high-purity ultraviolet light , and it is almost without any infrared light emitting . It is cold light source , the workpiece will not be deformed by heat.

High efficiency : LED-UV light energy is highly concentrated in the effective curing of a UV spectrum to shorten curing time , its practical effects and intensity is similar with 1000-2000mW / cm2 conventional high pressure mercury lamps curing effect . The conventional mercury lamps UV light looks high brightness , but the heat is high . Because it is very wide spectrum , the real effective curing of the UV spectrum is only part of the energy . There is a considerable part in the visible light ( clutter ) and infrared spectrum ( resulting in heat generation ) It is easily to cause the damage for the operator' s eyes and to make the curing project to get deformed.

LED UV Technical Requirement for Offset Press Printing

1 . Cold light source , no heat radiation , suitable for the bonding of heat-sensitive materials

2 . Small size is able to get the device be easily integrated into the automatic production lines and equipment

3 . Without any preheating period , their irradiation intensity could be up to 500mw / cm2-12000mw / c m

4 . UV LED doesn t have infrared radiation no harmful gases . Compared to the traditional mercury lamp it is more safe and environmentally friendly

5 . Lifespan is more than 20,000 hours so as to reduce labor cost and maintenance cost

UV curing will have more and more UVLED fans in the very near future.

UV LED Curing System Advantages

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