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LED UV Dryer in Solid Wood Furniture Coating

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LED UV Dryer in Solid Wood Furniture Coating:During home building materials market , solid wood furniture is becoming more and more popular , such as solid wood floors , bed cabinets , to solid wood doors and windows . . LED UV dryer will play an important role on his manufacturing process.

During solid wood furniture manufacturing processes , it needs to be used different kind of UV wood lacquer , which is resin paint . It adopts UV light curing , and it is the latest trending paint in the 21st century . The product does not contain harmful substances , green environmental protection and excellent film performance . It is added on wood furniture by different technique , such as spray coating , brush coating , roller coating , shower coating , etc .

Coordinated with LED UV curing machine , the UV curing process of wood lacquer can not only be cured in a period of time , but also can improve the spraying quality of wood craft . It avoids the UV wood physical , chemical reaction , reduction of adhesive dust , which can achieve the best effect.

UV LED Ink for UV LED Curing Systems
Our company , YANSO have researched and manufactured various LED UV curing equipment in this furniture industry , which including air cooled LED UV curing system handheld units and water cooled LED UV drying conveyor equipment . We could design and customized the LED UV drying machine according to customer s project and request OEM & ODM is available .


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