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What is UV LED for Curing Systems ?

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What is UV LED for Curing System ? UV LED amps is cold ultraviolet light-emitting diodes ( LEDs ) . It used in adhesive , coating and printing curing industry . UV LED is called ultraviolet light-emitting diodes ( LEDs ) . It is a kind of LED , and its wavelength range is10-400nm , which is a single wavelength of invisible light . Their wavelength is below 400nm . We usually use them to curing in 365nm and 395nm . UV LED adhesive curing is in 365nm wavelength generally , UV LED printing curing is in 395nm wavelength generally .

Through the specially designed UV LED can issue a complete continuous UV band , to meet the edge , printing and other fields of production needs . Line light source has a long life , cold light source , no heat radiation , life is not affected by the number of opening and closing , high energy , uniform irradiation to improve production efficiency , non-toxic substances than traditional light sources safer and more environmentally friendly.

LED UV Curing Solutions is Becoming More and More Popular

UV LED could emitting a complete and continuous ultraviolet light to meet the r edge bonding , printing and other industry production needs . They have features as below

1 . long lifespan

2 . cold light irradiation source

3 , non-thermal radiation

4 . Lifespan will not effected by frequency of opening and closing

5 . High-energy

6 . uniform illumination to enhance the production efficiency

7 . without any toxic substances , more healthy and eco-friendly

LED printer are the new tendency with UV LED curing systems in the next years . Yanso Tech . hope that we could provide you better service for our UV LED curing techniques.

What is UV LED for Curing Systems 

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