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LED UV Technical Requirement for Offset Press Printing

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LED UV Technical Requirement for Offset Press Printing: Since the UV LED curing technology show up , the LED UV offset press is becoming more and more popular these years . But it also have many professional technical requirement for printing operations

1 . Color sequence arrangement
In the color arrangement , LED UV offset printing is more complex . Because of different color , the ultraviolet photon absorption also exist great differences , and in the drying speed , different ink is not the same. According to the different colors of different UV absorption , ink permeability is the best followed by magenta , yellow ink , green ink and black ink . In physics , the total absorption spectrum is black ink , the total reflection spectrum is white ink . These have an important effect on the absorption of UV light by photosensitizes , which in turn have an effect on the drying rate . Therefore , in the color arrangement should be white , black , blue , yellow , magenta ink , so that can make the light transmission of ink as much as possible to absorb light , thereby enhancing the curing effect . In the 1 color or 2 color printing , such a color arrangement effect is very prominent . Because such a color arrangement can give black ink , white ink to increase the light curing opportunities , thereby enhancing the drying effect . This sort of color arrangement is very reasonable in multicolor presses

with multiple sets of UV lamp drying devices . In the Pantone Color printing , firstly to print the lines or text version as well as small-size and dark-color solid plate , then go to print the large-size solid plate . This arrangement can make the ink drafting reach the highest and the color get very full. 

2 . Fountain solution
For the use of alcohol dampening device multi-color offset press , use LED UV water bucket solution to replace the original
rater bucket liquid , but keep the alcohol unchanged . In monochrome offset printing , you can add some alcohol in the bucket fluid to reduce the ink emulsion , so that the ink surface tension could be reduced and improve the drying rate . Use the special LED UV car wash water for cleaning

3 . Printing plate
As the UV LED ink and LED UV car wash water has a strong corrosive , and ordinary PS plate is with low corrosion resistance and poor printing resistance , so we suggest you to use a special LED-UV PS plate.

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LED UV Technical Requirement for Offset Press Printing

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