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LED UV Curing Solutions is Becoming More and More Popular

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LED UV curing solutions is becoming more and more popular in adhesive uv curing , coating uv curing , inkjet printing uv curing industry . In recent years , the industry has developed the LED UV light source . Due to the higher curing efficiency , and supporting by LED-UV ink , its UV LED curing technology is playing more and more important role in printing industry to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

They are widely used in different industry area , such as adhesive uv curing , coating uv curing , printing uv curing . ects

  • Electronic Adhesive Curing Application : Mobile / Computer / TV Display Screen / Headphone / Earphone
  • Coating Curing Application : Ceramic Tiles / Building Materia / Furniture / Household Applications / Auto Industry
  • Ink Curing Applications : screen printing / offset printing / Package Materia / Coating Ink / Spray Paint

What is UV LED for Curing Systems ?
Yanso Tech offers R & D , OEM & ODM service to our clients to meet the needs of our customer from different industry . We believe that nearly all UV curing will be UV LED based in less than 10 years .
Bright long-term future for UV LED as the technology comes fully into its own.

LED UV Curing Solutions is Becoming More and More Popular

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