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UVLED Applciations

Application Areas of our UVLED Systems

UV light sources are widely used in UV Curing processes (polymerization, drying, materials hardening) and have become essential in some industrial fields, such as graphic arts, adhesives, sealants and coatings.

The new YANSO UV LED lamps have already been used in many different applications and already tested in new sectors.

YANSO is dedicated to improve the performances of the standard lamps, as well as designing new solutions according to customer specific needs, always guaranteeing the maximum quality, reliability and durability.



Coating &Varnish UV LED Curing
Wood finishing/building material coating/furniture coating/household application surface coating…

Ink Printing UVLED Curing
screen printing / offset printing /inkjet paint / digital printing / flexo printing / package material ink



Adhesive UV LED Curing 
TV display /mobile/computer/headphone/medical disposable products /instrument/electric products…

UV LED Application Theory 

Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the photoinitiator absorbs photons of a specific wavelength and excites to an excited state, forming free radicals or cations. Then, through the transfer of energy between the molecules, the polymerizable prepolymer, photosensitive monomer, etc. become excited, and a charge transfer complex is generated. These conjugates are continuously cross-linked and polymerized, producing polymer polymers that solidify into a three-dimensional network structure in a very short time. Among them, absorbing radiation energy and initiating the unsaturated double bond crosslinking and curing of monomers and oligomers is a key part of the UV curing system.

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