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UV LED Ink for UV LED Curing Systems

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UV LED Ink for UV LED Curing Systems: With the popularity of technology and market competition , UV LED ink is getting better and better for UV LED curing systems development . UV LED ink is a kind of ultraviolet radiation which can be instantly cured.

Based on UV LED curing systems , UV LED ink covers UV LED offset printing ink , UV LED flexographic ink , UV LED screen printing ink , UV LED water-based ink

1 . UV LED offset printing ink

It is well known as without VOCs , less pollution , fast curing speed , energy conservation features . So it could be used at

different packing material printing , such as paper , aluminum foil , plastics . ect . Nowadays , it is widely used on

cigarette , wine , and drinks packing industry .

2 . UV LED flexographic ink

It is applied to printing on absorbent / nonabsorbable substrate surface , smooth / rough substrate surface , thin / thick substrate surface . Good printability low cost , energy saving and environmental protection to get him became one of green ink family . It is wide used on flexible package , cardboard box , label , corrugated boxes industry

3 . UV LED screen printing ink

It is on the rapid development of environmental & eco-friendly ink design with energy saving and nontoxic features . It is suitable for outdoor advertising printing , cigarette packets , wine box , cosmetic , pharmaceutical packaging , ects

4 . UVLED water - based ink

The ink is a one-component UV-curable ink that contains a large amount of water . After curing , it will have water evaporation and ink film thinning phenomenon . After ink fill is cured , it comes out many good character , such as excellent rheological properties , abrasion resistance , high definition and bright color . The appearance of water-based ink , it could be applied to gravure printing , flexo printing , and screen printing . It is able to ensure the product quality as well as safer to use while curing.

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UV LED inks includes paper inks , plastic inks , metal inks , matte inks and special inks and others . With the UVLED ink growth , we believe that there will be more efficient and newer technology printing material to be developed to meet the continuous development of the printing industry.

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